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Subscription Ordering Is Now Available at The Candyland Store

We have had many of our customers request this feature so after months of developments and testing we finally have it working the way we think it would be of the best service to you, our customers. This new feature is also great as a gift of sending someone there favorite candy year round.

When you subscribe to any of our products, every subscription product you order will get an additional 5% off starting with your first subscription order (not the initial order), in addition to any discount(s) currently being offered anytime in the future. So ordering your favorite product on a subscription plan with The Candyland Store will save you time and money. Order over $100.00 and you'll get FREE SHIPPING for your subscribed products, all of that equals SAVINGS and don't forget you still earn your Reward Points with our Loyalty Program on each and every order.

Almost all products in the store are available for subscription ordering. Right above the add to cart button you will see the Subscription area. Asking you if you would like to have this product automatically shipped to you. With a drop down box - this is where you choose how often you want this product to be shipped to you, if you click on the drop down your choices start at 15 days and go up from there up to a total of 90 days. So if you order 4 boxes of your favorite gum every month, just put a quantity in of 4 and on the drop down menu select every 30 days. 

If your signed into your account (you do need an account with a credit card on file), then just complete checkout and you are all done. The order will be shipped to you and again every 30 days from your last shipment, the system will generate a new order for you and send it to you without you needing to do a thing. 

Just a side note, PayPal CANNOT be used to enroll in the subscription ordering, as there is noway for us to automatically fulfill your order without having to get you involved, which kinda of defeats the purpose of making our customers lives a little easier.

Best part is, you can order 20 different items on your order, and lets say you only want 3 or 4 of them to be on a subscription and out of those 3 or 4 items they can all have different subscription lengths. Maybe one or two items you want monthly, and maybe the other two items you want every 2 months. The system will group them and send them out appropriately. The options are for you to control and our system will apply any discounts or promotions we are currently offering automatically. 

Subscriptions can also be managed in your account center, if you wish to you can disable the subscription right from your account center. If you wish to add something or change the frequency or amounts of an item(s) that you already have on a subscription, then we can do it for you, just send us a note telling us what you want done and take care of it. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us thought our Contact US Page

We hope you enjoy the new feature. 

The Team at The CandyLand Store