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Tic Tac Gum Spearmint

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Tic Tac Gum Spearmint from Tic Tac is a new tic tac shaped gum available in 2 great flavors
Part Number: 392028
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Tic Tac Gum Spearmint. Tic Tac introduces Tic Tac shaped Gum. All the same convenience of the pocket-sized holder and the flip top to dispense tic tac sized gum pieces. Just like Tic Tacs, the gum is sugar-free with 6 pieces only being 10 calories. With the new gum and Tic Tac shaped gum it's easier than ever to get just the right amount of gum you want. Try new Tic Tac gum Spearmint. Each box has 12 containers with 56 pieces of Tic Tac gum per container.

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